By: Tracy Cichecki

Adding additional users to your IdealTraits account allows you to easily collaborate with your team when it comes to moving candidates through your hiring process.

When you add your team members as additional users, they gain full access to your IdealTraits account under their own personal login. Delegating the steps of your hiring process has never been easier.

Click here to add additional users today. You’ll get one complimentary additional user on us, and you can add more for $99 each.

Once you have added an additional user to your IdealTraits account, they will have the ability to review candidate profiles, send emails to candidates, and leave notes in the Comments & Activity section of candidate profiles to allow for seamless collaboration throughout your team.

When an added user leaves a comment in a candidate’s profile, their first and last initial will be displayed beside the comment

You are also able to tag other users in the comments and activity section of a candidate’s profile to draw their attention to that candidate or to easily share important information about that candidate’s path in the hiring process. You’ll receive a notification in the top right corner of your account when you are tagged in a candidate’s profile

So what’s the hold-up? Get started today to make your hiring process even easier.

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