Hire the Ideal fit for your team.

The IdealTraits platform helps you hire your next top performer.

Whether you’re looking to hire for sales or customer service, hire your ideal candidate with IdealTraits.

Hire your next top performer with the IdealTraits platform.

Our simple, step-by-step process walks you through the three phases of finding your ideal fit.

Find Ideal Candidates
Find Ideal Candidates
Identify & Access Top Performers
Identify and Assess Top Performers
Hiring Made Easy
Hiring Made Easy

1 Find Ideal Candidates

Use our optimized AI job builder or templates to easily build and distribute job ads to the world’s largest job sites.

  • Keyword-rich templates.
  • Potential to post to over 100 job boards.
  • Customize job posts with your branding.
  • View all job posts on one landing page.
  • Sponsor your job ad with the Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration.

2 Assess & Identify Top Performers

See the person behind the resume with personality assessments.

  • Easily identify how they fit into your team.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Measure key performance factors.
Assess and Identify Top Performers
Hiring Made Easy

3 Hiring Made Easy

Manage all steps of the candidate experience from first contact to hire.

  • Easily stay in contact with candidates.
  • Sort and organize your best candidates.
  • Schedule and conduct Zoom interviews in platform.
  • Mobile-friendly candidate experience.
  • Send offer letter and get online signing.

In-Platform Interviews

Schedule, conduct, and record Zoom interviews within the IdealTraits platform.

We’re passionate about you finding your ideal hire.

Our 25 years of experience powers our plug-and-play platform, putting the best hiring practices at your fingertips with the push of a button.

15,000 Companies Can’t be Wrong

  • 15,000 + clients served
  • 4 million candidates delivered
  • 60,000 + hires
100% Focused

Assessments Backed By Science.

University tested and validated.

  • Face Validity: 92.6%
  • Construct Validity: Above Expectations
  • Convergent Validity: Above Expectations
Cheryl Bowker Testimonial

I’m able to narrow my interview time down to only those that will really fit the bill for what we need. IdealTraits has saved us time and money by giving us a tool that is professional, customizable and accurate every time. I will not hire anyone going forward without IdealTraits.

Cheryl Bowker

Omar Salazar Testimonial

IdealTraits has virtually eliminated the “guessing game” out of potential candidates. We all know that everyone who interviews for a position mostly tells the employer what they believe they want to hear. With IdealTraits, I have the confidence that I am not only hiring the right person, but also the right person for the right position.

Omar Salazar

Harley Alloway Insurance Agency Testimonial

Of my four assessments, only the last profiled as a sales leader – he starts work next week. I should mention that I did buck the system and hire one of the earlier assessed candidates who did not assess as a sales leader. He failed miserably and I lost one week of wages! I know, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen when I ignore the assessment results.

Harley Alloway Insurance Agency

Make your ideal hire.

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90 Day (per location)
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  • Job Sharing Y
  • Job Board Posting Unlimited
  • Custom Ads2

For companies with 1-3 Employees




One Year (per location)
  • # of Assessments Unlimited
  • Applicant Tracking ID Required
  • Instant Results Y
  • Job Offer Page Y
  • Job Sharing Y
  • Job Board Posting Unlimited
  • Custom Ads2

For companies with 1-3 Employees


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