The benefit section is the most important part of your job ad. The benefits are what candidates’ eyes will gravitate to and will ultimately determine if they’ll apply to your ad or move on to the next one.

So how can we ensure that we are creating the most captivating job ad with our benefits package?

~ Transparency ~


Candidates don’t like a job ad that leaves them with questions. If they are unsure of what they’re being paid, they’re not going to apply. Make sure you’re providing enough detail that the candidate can imagine themselves in your open role and what they will get out of it.

Let’s say you’re hiring for a role that earns a commission. We could put “Base Salary Plus Commissions” in our benefits section, which is technically fine, but remember… more questions… more problems. So let’s give the people what they want… tell them what you’re offering… let them eat cake…

Instead, let’s go with something like:
● Entry-level applicants start with a base of $X—$X with an average commission of $X in their first year. Experienced candidates start with a base salary of $X—$X and our top earners last year averaged $X in commission.

Now we left no stone unturned for both types of applicants we may be receiving.
The salary justification above should always be your first benefit listed. We don’t want it to get upstaged by our other amazing benefits.


If you offer any of the following traditional benefits we should list them next:
● Work from Home
● Flexible Scheduling
● Hybrid Scheduling
● Sign On Bonus (tell them how much!)
● 401k Match

Next, we want the applicants to ‘visualize’ working in your office. Let’s give them any descriptors about your company culture that you offer/do:
● Monthly Employee Appreciation Lunch
● Team Building Exercises
● Paid Volunteer Days
● Pet-Friendly Office
● Office Snacks & Coffee
● Office Holiday Parties

Finally, we can add the rest of your amazing benefits that may include:
● Advancement Opportunities
● Long-Term Career Growth
● Mentorship with Established Agent
● Pay Raise Opportunities
● Paid Continuing Education
● Licensing Assistance
● Tuition Reimbursement
● Retirement Plan
● 401K
● Weekly Bonus Drawings
● Student Loan Repayment Assistance
● Ongoing Training Seminars
● Employee Discounts
● Home Office Equipment Provided
● Equipment Budget Allowance
● Work-Life Balance
● Team Meetings
● Paid Sick Leave
● Hands On Training
● Bonus Opportunities
● Telecommuting
● Weekends Off
● Evenings Off
● Holidays Off
● Paid Holidays
● Office Cat
● Mon-Fri Work Schedule
● Performance Bonuses
● Health Insurance
● Life Insurance
● Volunteer Opportunities
● Office Dog
● Supplemental Insurance
● Dental Insurance
● Vision Insurance
● Healthcare Spending Account
● Professional Work Environment
● Family Leave
● Disability Insurance
● Massage Therapist
● Wellness Benefits
● Paid Gym Memberships
● Commuting Assistance
● Pet Insurance

If you offer other, unique benefits, include those too! The more, the merrier. Candidates are interested in positions that are not just a job, but a mutually beneficial relationship. This means they’re picking a job not based on what they can do for a specific employer, but what that employer can do for them.

One final tip before we say goodbye: If you offer benefits that are better than normal, tell them!
For example, most employers will just list PTO… but if you offer 12 days of PTO for example,
that’s better than average and you should tell them!

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