By: Kelly Wilmott

Here at IdealTraits, we have the motto “Always Be Hiring.” But, what does this mean? We commonly get questions about how and why we should constantly passively hire so we put together a quick list for you to explain why this is important.

  • Why should I always be hiring?
    • Build yourself a pipeline of candidates by always looking for top talent. You can always find room for a rockstar!
    • It’s an insurance policy for your hiring needs. Do you want to fork out for car insurance/house insurance? No, but you have to have it – just in case – that’s where IdealTraits can help.
    • Extra Bonus: Your account will be active so you can assess your staff periodically/know how to manage your staff effectively/help them succeed and grow.
    • Check out our ROI Calculator for data on the value of adding a new producer based on your agency’s criteria.

  • What ad should I run?
    • It depends…  are you looking for a diamond in the rough? If so, create an ad specifically for your dream candidates. This means more Requirements, more Responsibilities, and a more niche ad.
    • As your agency grows, you’ll always need more producers. As you get more producers, you’ll need more customer service reps! You can always run one ad at a time as you anticipate your next need.

  • What if I don’t have time to manage the influx of candidates while passively hiring?
    • Have you heard of our CEP program? – We can call the candidates for you!
    • There will be a pool of people waiting for you when you are ready, saving you time when you’re urgently hiring.
    • Post an ad for that dream candidate – there will likely be fewer applications to manage on your end, but if that dream unicorn applied, would you pass them up (only for them to apply/work at a competing agency in your area)? 

  • Won’t potential candidates become disenchanted if they apply and you say you’re not willing to take them on?
    • You’re looking for the right fit/perfect candidate with X, Y, and Z. If they don’t meet the criteria, they just aren’t the right fit for this specific role. That doesn’t mean they won’t be a better fit for a position in the future.
    • When you contact them, you can be open and transparent about when you’re looking to have them start their role. Even if that isn’t tomorrow!

Passively hiring allows you to keep the line out, just waiting to catch your next best hire. If your ad isn’t posted, they’ll never be able to find you!

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