By: Kellie Lail

When you’ve spent time and energy crafting the perfect ad to show off your amazing job opportunity, the last thing you want to do is title it with something that will make it hard for candidates to find your job, or even worse, something that will get your ad flagged and removed from the job boards.

When it comes to writing effective job titles, you want to make sure you are including commonly searched keywords and excluding unnecessary information that you’ve already included somewhere else in your ad.

While titles like “Rockstar Sales Producer” or “Insurance Ninja” might sound fun and help to show off your office culture, these titles don’t offer efficient searchability, making it harder to get your ad in front of your next hire.

To ensure your job is as searchable as possible, ensure your job titles are straightforward, clear, and concise. Common search terms that you can use include “Insurance,” “Sales,” “Customer Service Representative,” “Receptionist,” “Manager,” “Office Administrator,” “Administrative Assistant,” “Bookkeeper,” “Accountant,” and “Account Manager.”

Here’s a list of potential job titles to use:

  • Insurance Sales Representative
  • Insurance Customer Service Representative
  • Insurance Account Manager
  • Commercial Lines Insurance Sales Representative
  • Commercial Lines Insurance Customer Service Representative
  • Insurance Sales and Customer Service Representative
  • Insurance Office Administrator
  • Insurance Office Manager
  • Insurance Sales Manager
  • Insurance Receptionist
  • Insurance Administrative Assistant
  • Insurance Bookkeeper 
  • Insurance Accountant


You can get more specific with your job title by adding words at the beginning of the title such as “Licensed,” “Entry-Level,” or “Remote.”

A clear and concise job title not only helps your keyword matches and searchability but lets the job seeker know exactly what the position is that is being offered. 

Always ensure that your job title matches the position you are describing in your ad as confusing or misleading titles could also result in your ad being flagged by the boards. I know we all want to find our next unicorn, but remember, they’re probably not searching “Insurance Unicorn Sales Rockstar” on the job boards, so put yourself in their shoes and think about the most common keywords you would be searching if you were looking for a new insurance role.

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