Mastering the Art of Job Ads: The Power of Keywords in Attracting Top Talent

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Keywords are words or phrases that help us identify the specific requirements of a job. From an employer’s perspective, they pertain to what qualities an employer is looking for in their next potential employee, helping them attract candidates best suited for the role and helping them with efficient screening of resumes later. From the candidate’s perspective, keywords help them to identify the roles or companies they feel they would be best suited to work with. Hence, they play a crucial role in not only communicating the requirements of a job but also making sure your job gets in front of the right candidates.

Keywords can vary based on the nature of the job and can also be industry-specific. However, some generic keywords apply to all job ads and should be mentioned. 

For example:

Job Title: Title of the position.
Location: The location of the office. This is especially important in the case of an in-office position.
Job Description: This should include the responsibilities, duties, and other essential details that the employee should know about the daily tasks.
Job Type: Full-time, Part-Time, Contract, Remote, In-Office.
Requirements: Specific qualifications the employer might be looking for.

As mentioned, these keywords can be industry-specific. 

A few examples of insurance-specific keywords would be:

Job Title: Insurance Sales Producer, Insurance Customer Service Representative, Insurance Account Manager, etc.
Job Description: Generating leads, assisting clients, understanding needs of clients, developing insurance quotes, cross-selling, account rounding, etc.
Requirements: Must hold an active Insurance License, energetic outgoing individual, have excellent communication skills, etc.

The most important thing to be mentioned clearly in any job ad is the salary range and there are several reasons for it. Clearly stating the salary range is a good way to filter applicants as only those candidates whose expectations match the offer of the employer. So, not only does it save time for both parties, but it also reduces the chances of arguments based on compensation negotiations later in the hiring process. It gives off a positive image of the employer, their fairness and honesty with the candidate, and helps develop trust from the get-go.

Employers often tend to ignore the importance of a well-curated job ad with the use of the right words, but it goes beyond our imagination. A job ad can make the first impression of a company for a potential employee as the language used in these ads can give you insights into the company culture. Agents that offer licensing assistance for their candidates and mention that in a job ad give the impression that they are willing to invest in the development of the candidate and that they value their employees. If they use keywords like ‘teamwork’ or ‘team player,’ candidates can assume that the workplace has a friendly environment and values teamwork and collaboration amongst employees. Using words like ‘diverse’ hints at the company valuing diversity & inclusion. Examples of such keywords are never-ending. 

Overall, it is crucial for agents to write their job ads using the right keywords, so they know they are attracting the right candidates and are making the job requirements clear. Using the right keywords will also help make the ad more visible. It makes hiring easier and helps find the right match quicker. Moreover, it will also serve as a guide to company values and should not be overlooked.

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