By Ashley Nowicki

If you’re in the middle of writing a job ad and not too sure on what words or terms you’re not supposed to use, you’ve come to the right place. Have you ever looked at an ad or a newspaper article and thought to yourself ‘What were they thinking when they wrote this?’ There are some words and phrases that can get flagged on the job boards that will prevent your ad from going live. There are certain terms and phrases that you want to avoid to make sure your ad is concise and straightforward, rather than confusing for candidates.

Here are a few words & terms you want to avoid using:

  • Protege and Agency Owner are both words you don’t want to use in your job ads because they come off as you’re trying to sell a business. So with these types of positions you have to market them as Insurance Sales Associates, or Insurance Sales Representatives.
  • Agent is not searched as often on the job boards compared to Representative. It also can be flagged on the job boards because , like Agency Owner, it sounds like you are advertising to sell the business.
  • The words “Unlimited earnings” can come off as spam to the job boards because to the job boards there is a ceiling to how much candidates can make.
  • Producer is another word you want to avoid using because it is not a word that candidates search often when looking for certain positions.
  • Using the terms Super Star or RockStar can get the ads flagged on the job boards as spam because they aren’t keywords that are searched on the job boards.

You want to make sure you’re always using keywords that candidates tend to search on the job boards to get the best visibility results. Using keywords, like Insurance Sales Representative and Insurance Customer Service Representative, will help the searchability of your ads and can help them go live on the job boards.

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