Starting in April, Indeed made updates to their Sponsored Jobs Integration, which makes all sponsored jobs available to Indeed’s Trusted Media Network.

What does this mean?

Indeed’s Trusted Media Network is a multi-channel advertising feature that is available as part of Indeed’s advertising experience. When you sponsor a job through Indeed from your IdealTraits account, the Trusted Media Network allows your ads to more widely target job seekers on over 120+ industry-specific and generalist job sites, allowing you to even further expand your ad’s reach, all from your IdealTraits account.

How does it work?

Once you have sponsored a job through Indeed in your IdealTraits account, Indeed will then distribute the job automatically to their relevant partners based on criteria such as location and job type.

When a candidate clicks on your job ad from a trusted partner site, they will be redirected to your job on Indeed where they can apply.

What are the benefits?

Potential benefits of the Trusted Media Network include:

  • More capacity to increase overall candidate and budget delivery on campaigns and where the client need is higher than Indeed’s supply of candidates
  • More quality candidates on hard to fill or specialist positions 
  • Improvement in performance against campaign goals, leveraging TMN where Indeed is unable to successfully deliver alone
  • Ability to re-engage with clients on content areas that Indeed are perceived to underperform in

How do I opt in?

Your job will automatically be included in Indeed’s Trusted Media Network when you sponsor a job through the Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration in your IdealTraits account. To learn more about sponsoring your job, click here.

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