By Kellie Lail

Let’s be honest; hiring is hard. Uncertainties about job board guidelines, candidate’s needs, and even the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic make it even harder. We are here to help make it as easy as possible, but receiving an email letting you know that your ad might not be getting the best visibility can sometimes add to this stress. There is no need to panic! Let’s talk about what this really means:

Hi *user name*,

IdealTraits Client Success Team here! We’re reaching out to give you some tips and tricks to boost your ad’s visibility. We want to make sure we are giving you the tools to be successful, so here are some things to consider!

First, make sure your ad meets the job board’s quality standards. You can check Indeed’s out here to make sure your ad meets the criteria.

If your ad meets the criteria, consider these options for increasing your ad’s visibility:

  1. Offer the position as Fully Remote. 85% of candidates on the job boards are looking for remote positions. To show up in their searches, you must also offer remote!
  2. Sponsor your Ad. This can help to give your ad a “boost” in qualifying searches on the job boards.
  3. Make sure your ad is competitive. This means adding as many benefits as you possibly can and making sure your salary is competitive. Check out this article for tips on Building Better Job Ads.

Happy Hiring!

Let’s break it down:

What does this mean?

There are many reasons why you may not be at its peak visibility.

  • Your Job Title may not be searchable. Use commonly searched keywords and phrases like “Insurance Sales Representative,” “Insurance Customer Service Representative,” or “Insurance Sales and Customer Service Representative.”
  • You may not have a Salary listed. 40% of candidates are using salary filters in their searches, so including one can help cast a wider net.
  • You may not be offering Fully Remote options. 85% of candidates are using Remote filters on the job boards. Not offering these options immediately excludes your ads from showing up in these searches.
  • Your ad may not be competitive for your market. Do a quick search on Indeed for your zip code to see what salary and benefits your competitors offer that you could go above and beyond!

How else can I boost my ad’s visibility?

  • Share your ad on Social Media. Social media continues to grow in popularity and everywhere you go, you see people on their phones. To find the best candidates, you have to make sure they’re seeing your ad. Sharing on social media can help you to do this.
  • Sponsor your job ad. Sponsoring your job ad can help give your ad a little boost to help you show up in more candidate’s searches. Luckily, we are partnered with both Indeed and ZipRecruiter so you can sponsor your ads on their boards directly from your IdealTraits account!
  • Improve your job ad’s Quality Score. The Quality Score of your job ad can affect where your ad is placed in candidate’s search algorithms. You want to make sure you’re using the right keywords to make sure your ad is searchable and relevant.
  • Ask your employees for referrals. See if any of your current employees know people searching for a new job that have the skills and personality that would make them a great fit for your business.
  • Put a Hiring Sign in your window. You should still be using all of your “old fashioned” hiring practices to ensure that you don’t miss out on any awesome talent! The more avenues you can use to hire, the better chances you have of finding that perfect person!
  • Hiring is hard, but it really comes down to one important thing: Write and market the ad for your unicorn employee, and you might just find them!

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