By Kellie Lail

Is this where I apply to be an Insurance Assassin?

Coming up with a job title can be tricky. I get it, you want to stand out and attract the right candidates to apply to your position. You want to show that you have a fun office personality and people should be busting down the doors to come and work for you. However, you aren’t looking for Jason Bourne, you’re looking for an Insurance Sales Representative or a Customer Service Representative; so that’s what you want to advertise.

Words and Verbiage to avoid:

You want to avoid words that are often found to be spammy by candidates, or words that are too industry specific and are not often searched on the boards.

  • Avoid unrealistic terms like uncapped, unlimited, no limit, no ceiling, etc. Candidates see these terms and think they might be a little bit unrealistic and might just scroll right by.
  • Avoid using titles like “Sales RockStar,” “Sales Guru,” or “Superstar” – no candidate is searching for that on the boards. Plus, I’m not sure how great of an insurance sales rep Mick Jagger would be.
  • “Ninjas” sound really cool.. Who wouldn’t want to be one? But there’s no room for growth there – if you’re a ninja you’ve already reached max potential. Candidates are looking for opportunities to grow their skills and expand their career.
  • “Unicorns” are mythical creatures. You’re never going to find one. Gotta keep it real!
  • Avoid using titles like agency, producer, account manager, or agent within the ad. These terms mean different things in various industries, and many people may not be this specific with their job search. Keeping it more general by using terms like sales representative, customer service representative, insurance, or a combination of any of the above is your best bet.
  • Do not advertise for the sale of your agency or protege positions. Indeed no longer allows selling a business or agency on their job board. If you are looking for people to join your protege program, give us a call or chat to learn more about the best way to hire a protege!

When titling your job ad, you want to tell potential candidates exactly what the position is and avoiding including any additional information. Insurance Sales Representative, Insurance Customer Service Representative, Insurance Sales and Customer Service, Insurance Office Manager, and Insurance Receptionist keep it straight to the point. Using these titles will ensure that there is no confusion about the position being advertised; and won’t so strongly attract the Jason Bourne or 007 characters, although having Matt Damon and Daniel Craig in the office would be pretty cool!

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