When you start to review candidates, it is important to understand what “not qualified” means to you, as it means something different to every single agent.

Do they HAVE to be licensed before their start date? Will you turn a candidate away just because they don’t have a degree? Are you willing to train someone if they have the right personality fit, but only have retail sales experience?

In today’s market the competition is high – if you’re looking for someone licensed and experienced, you’re going to have to entice them to leave their current opportunity. It’s all about understanding exactly where you will draw the line, and where you’re willing to offer some extra support to get the right fit into your agency.

Here are some tips for constructing your job ad to ensure you’re attracting the right person for your role:

  • Limit your job Requirements to “must haves,” not “nice to have”
  • Use terms like “bonus points for” or “familiarity with” for skills you would like to see
  • Avoid using industry specific jargon that may not be recognizable to someone without industry experience as it may deter them from applying in the first place
  • Add inclusive benefits like Parental Leave, Child Care, or Paid Family Sick Time – while not every candidate may benefit from these things, mentioning them gives you the opportunity to show your commitment to all employees
  • Job Seekers LOVE to see benefits that help to create a Work/Life Balance
  • Show off their Career Advancement and Training Opportunities or Mentorship
  • Use targeted job ads – no Ninjas or Superstars 😉
  • Limit your Responsibilities to 5-7 bullet pointed tasks – we all know there’s more to it, but we want to give candidates a good idea of the role without overwhelming them
  • Get your ad in front of the right people: use social media and your website to promote that you’re hiring
  • Word of mouth is a great resource as well – referrals lead to some great hires
  • Promote the positive work culture and accomplishments that strengthen your brand

We know hiring can be time consuming, and our assessment is here to help you identify the right fit for the role, but it is important to ensure you are writing your job ad for the candidate you want. Put yourself in their shoes and read the ad before you post it. Do you know exactly what is expected of you? Do you know what you can gain by working in your agency? Make sure the candidate has no questions and that your role is attractive to get the best results.

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