Are you fitting a square peg in a round hole?

Is your candidate the right fit for the role?

(This is the question we are asked most often) & we’re here to help!

Understanding the Personality Results: 

Start with the Performance Index, focusing on the score column for Under Pressure.

  • In what category is the highest score listed?
  • In what category is the next highest score?

The two highest-scored categories reflect the areas of the candidates that represent their most “natural” or innate strengths.

We all have strong suits and areas of growth, based on a number of both internal and external factors.

Something we hear a lot is “In our agency, everyone does everything.” Remember, everyone may not be perfect for every task or goal. This is why it is important to make sure you understand the strengths of each of your individual employees, to ensure you are giving them tasks that they will both enjoy and complete to a high level.

Do auto parts fit in any make and model?

Some can be exchanged while others cannot.

What are your expectations of the role you are looking to fill?

What strengths are most important for the role you are looking to fill?

Make sure you’re assembling your dream team to meet these strengths and expectations to get the best results.

Assemble your Dream Team based on their Strengths

Motivation/Drive Strengths: Decision-making skills/High Ego/Confidence/Leadership attributes. 

Persuasive/Convincing Strengths: People Skills/Inspiring/Influential attributes.

Structure/Routine Strengths: Focused on their Environment/Predictable/Dependable attributes.

Thorough/Compliant Strengths: Following Rules/ Detail-Oriented/Perfectionist attributes.

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