By: Monica Donias

So you’ve made it to the Responsibilities section in the job ad, congrats! This section is great for highlighting the main tasks a new candidate will have on a daily basis for the position you’re looking to fill. What’s important about this section is that we consider what 90% of their day, every day, will entail, to keep this section short and concise while accurately describing the role.

For example, will making the occasional coffee run really fall into that 90% field? If not, then no need to add that to our list. It’s easy to think of all of the things they could be doing but realistically, we should only have about 5-7 bullet points going over the main highlights of what they’ll be responsible for on a daily basis.

You want to give candidates a good idea of what to expect in the role, without overwhelming them with too many unnecessary details. The more specific you can get with your most important responsibilities, the better! For example, in a sales position, rather than saying “Develop insurance quotes and close deals to meet sales goals” you can say something like “Must develop X quotes per day and close at least X sales per week.” This way you’re still keeping it short and sweet while giving them enough information to understand what is expected of them in this role. 

We do have tons of great templates that you can utilize to help narrow down those tasks and responsibilities your new employee will be responsible for. With that being said, be sure you’re not selecting more than 7 unique bullet points because we don’t want to overwhelm the candidate before getting a chance to speak with them! You also want to make sure to avoid being redundant or repetitive with the responsibilities that you include in your job. For example, if we have listed 3 times that the candidate will be making outbound phone calls, we may want to reduce this because even though we may have worded each point a bit differently, it’s still the same task. Always take a second glance at your Responsibilities selections to ensure you don’t have any duplicates.

Once you have the main key points that highlight what they’ll be responsible for in that role you are ready to move on to the Requirements.

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