By: Monica Donias

Are you one of our amazing customers that is curious as to how your ads are being distributed on the job boards? Are you also curious as to what some of the requirements are to be able to post to their boards? Well if so, this blog post is for you! 

Here at IdealTraits, we help agencies find the right hire by proving an assessment to see what attributes any candidate has to ensure they have the right personality for the role you’re looking to hire for. But we also help to distribute that ad to over 100 different job boards to help get visibility to your ad. Some of these include Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and many others that pull from the main job boards. However, we at IdealTraits are not a job board and wanted to ensure you’re utilizing some of our best practice suggestions when creating an ad to go to these job boards. 

Our first suggestion is to avoid posting for business opportunities. The reason the job boards are not the biggest fan of this kind of post is that they are often seen as being a business opportunity instead of a job opportunity. With that, there comes more risk as well as no guarantee of a steady source of income. These ads will not go live on the job boards. So it’s best to avoid these kinds of postings 

Our second suggestion would be to be transparent with your salary. When searching for a job opportunity, candidates what to ensure they can financially plan for this new journey they are embarking on. With this, knowing what the salary is, as well as any commission/bonus opportunities. This transparency must be listed in the benefits section as, “Base Salary Plus Commission” or “Base Salary based on Experience” to ensure this is not a commission-only position. This is also a requirement from the job boards to go live. If your position is a commission-only role, it will need to be sponsored on Indeed to go live. 

Next, we suggest making sure your ad has a good title. Avoid anything too long or that includes things like “SIGN ON BONUS” or “SALES ROCKSTAR.” The reason is candidates are not searching terms like this and it also makes it difficult for your ad to get grouped with similar ads. Some suggestions would be including the word Insurance in the ad. “Insurance Sales Representative” or “Insurance Customer Service Representative” are great examples. 

Another reason your ad may get flagged is you are stating that candidates will have to pay for their license before they can apply. This violates Indeed’s Job Seeker Fees policy. To avoid violating this policy we recommend stating “Property and Casualty License required” or “License Paid in Full by Employer.” 

The last reason an ad may get taken down on the job boards is certain states do not allow for the term “Background check required.” It’s best to avoid this phrase in your job ad and discuss this early on during the interview process. 

Following these best practices can help to ensure your ad is getting visibility on the job boards. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out by selecting the Help tab at the top of your IdealTraits screen and you can visit our help center, start a chat, or schedule a call from there. Happy Hiring!

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