Building Your Online Presence

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Social media is becoming more popular than ever, making it an even more powerful tool in getting to know people. Just as you want to learn more about the candidates that you’re potentially going to hire, candidates want to learn as much about you and your agency as possible when applying to your open position. This is where your online presence becomes so important.

Your job ad can only show so much about your agency. Candidates want to know who they’re working for and if they’ll fit into your company’s culture. The first step in building your online presence is making sure your website is up to date. Transparency is incredibly important to candidates, so you want to make sure to include a few very important things on your website, keeping in mind the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why):

  • Staff Directory: this gives candidates a better idea of who they’ll be working with.
  • Company Description and Background: this gives candidates a better idea of why people are coming to do business with your agency and what they’ll be focusing on.
  • Business Hours: this gives candidates a better idea of when they’ll be expected to be working.
  • Photo of your agency: this gives candidates a better idea of where they’ll be working.
  • Company Mission and Values: this gives candidates a better understanding of why their position is so important to your agency and your clients.

Show Yourself Off

Candidates that are interested in your position are interested in YOU. They want to learn as much about you as possible so they know that they’ll enjoy working for and with you. Are you a brand new agency? Have you been in business for over 50 years? Are you a top-earning agency in your region or even the country? Do you participate in community events?

Don’t be afraid to show off your achievements and what makes you unique. Whether you opened up last week or the business has been in the family for decades, candidates want to know that you have made yourself successful and that you have the tools and experience to help them do the same as they grow their career within your agency.

Social Media

Beyond your website, you want to make sure that you are accessible on other platforms so that people can easily find you and learn more about your agency. Social media is a great place to show off your personality and the things that you’re interested in. You can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even TikTok to show people glimpses of your personality. Always include links to your business website so that candidates can find out more information about you.

You can even share things like knowledge articles, statistics, educational materials, blog posts, office events, and more! This will show candidates what you’re interested in so they can ensure their values align with yours.

What Are People Saying?

Ask your clients and employees to leave reviews for your business on places like Glassdoor, Facebook, Google, or other popular websites. This offers candidates a first-hand point of view of what it is like to work for your agency and to do business with your agency. Bad reviews can be detrimental to your business not only in terms of attracting new clients but in attracting new employees as well.

Be responsive! When clients or employees leave reviews, good or bad, be sure to thank them for their business and loyalty or offer solutions for how you can improve their experience in the future. This honest and open feedback is an opportunity for you to identify potential areas of growth to make you an even better employer

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