By: Monica Donias

So you’re looking to hire someone for a position that recently opened up. You notice that some candidates have applied but haven’t taken the assessment or you get their voicemail when you give them a call. Why is that?

Some things to consider when hiring is where that candidate is currently at in regards to their employment status. If a candidate is working a typical 9-5 job it may take them some time to finish that application process or to reach back out to you.

When I first applied to IdealTraits I was working for my previous employer and I actually applied while I was on the job. When I got to the assessment portion I knew I had other tasks to complete and wanted to give it my full undivided attention. Me being forgetful, it slipped my mind to complete the assessment right after my shift ended. However, I received a text message the following day reminding me to take the assessment. I also got a personal call from the hiring specialist here at IdealTraits not only personally thanking me for applying but also reminding me to take the assessment to be further considered in the application process. That’s when it clicked that this place wanted me to apply. They might’ve had hundreds of other applicants but I was personally encouraged to finish up that hiring process. Sure enough, when I got home that night I took my time and completed the assessment. All because I had a couple of reminders and felt motivated to join a team that cares about their new hires.

The reason I share this is so you can reflect on your personal hiring process. Are you reaching out if they don’t take the assessment? Would you appreciate it if the owner or hiring manager gave you a call thanking you and asking you to finish the assessment? It’s the little things that can change the candidate’s experience and encourage them to finish up the process. Now if they are currently working, they may not get back to you during regular business hours or may need to set aside a unique time or during their lunch to set up an interview. Just keep these factors in mind compared to sending them straight to the archive folder because they didn’t complete the application process right away.

Doing so could increase your chances of finding the right hire and making their experience that much more memorable.

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