By Katie Thornsberry

There are many factors that go into hiring a new employee; What qualifications they need to have, what their pay will be , if they’ll be in office or remote, what their training schedule will look like, etc. Then of course, creating a job ad to convey all of it.

But one of the most important things to consider when creating a job ad is how you’re going to be competitive in your market to attract the right type of candidate. Depending on your area, there are likely plenty of other businesses hiring for the same types of roles. So how will you stand out? Here is a short list of how to make your job ad content competitive.

  1. Do your research

    Look at other ads in your area that are similar for the position you’re hiring for. Look at what other companies are paying, what they are offering, etc. It can help you see what you’re up against and figure out the best way to angle your job ad to stack up.


  2. List as many benefits as possible

    Candidates want to know, what are the perks of working at your office vs. the agency down the road? List as many things as you can think of. While of course listing things like PTO, health insurance, and 401K plans, it’s also important to list things such as casual Fridays, office snacks & coffee, a cool downtown location, charity opportunities, etc.


  3. Include any commission and bonus opportunities in your pay

    Many candidates filter their job search by salary, and what they expect to make in their next role. If you only include base compensation, they may think that is the full amount they could make and move on. So be sure to include the commission and bonuses in the salary range; Make it reasonable and what the candidate can expect to make in the first year working for you.


  4. Talk about advancement opportunities/growth

    One of the main things candidates care about when applying for jobs is the career path they will have at their new workplace. If there are any paths for the right candidate to scale up in your company after some experience, be sure to lay that out in the job ad.


  5. Don’t list too many requirements to narrow your pool

    When hiring, everyone can picture their perfect candidate. But you don’t necessarily want to write your job ad only for that perfect candidate. Keep requirements more broad and as a ‘perk’ instead of an absolute ‘must have.’ This will give you a wider pool of candidates to look at.

With all of these tips, your job ad content is sure stand out amongst others in your area. But with that being said, in very competitive areas it can be necessary to sponsor your job ad as well. Sponsorship will give your ad increased visibility to a wider range of candidates, and sponsored jobs are over 3.5X more likely to result in a hire.

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