3 Benefits for Hiring Remote Employees

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By Kelly Wilmott

We understand hiring can be stressful, especially in the current market. You want to have the perfect candidate hired and bring in the $$$, well… yesterday. However, times have changed. Hiring has become extremely competitive, especially since the number of job openings has reached La record high of 11.5 million. That’s two job openings for every unemployed candidate!

Like He-Man, job seekers have the power! They are demanding higher pay, better work-life balance, remote opportunities, flexible schedules, career growth, insurance benefits, and more. Employers are having to ask themselves: am I a competitive employer? Because if they’re not, candidates will find what they’re looking for elsewhere. You don’t want to give the best candidates up to your competition.

Candidates also want remote flexibility. In fact, 85% of Americans prefer to apply for positions with this benefit. Not only that, but FlexJobs found that 43% of people quit their jobs for not having ‘remote’ as an option and according to a study by Topia, 35% of job switchers said it was the main reason why they found a new employer.

Employers need to listen to what candidates are asking for to be able to hire the best talent. Otherwise, recruiting top talent will be tough. While many companies have shifted gears and adapted to this new work environment, many are still reluctant to take the leap, with employers wondering: “Will employees be productive?”, “How will I manage them?”, “How do I know they’re actually working and not walking the dog, or doing their laundry?”, “How can I trust them, when I can’t see them?”, “How will I train them?”, “How can I create a team environment or culture remotely?”

While these are valid concerns, they should not stop you from considering hiring a remote employee, and here’s why:

  1. Working from home actually INCREASES productivity

    The data is in. Research suggests working from home increases both productivity and performance.

    A survey by Connect Solutions showed that 77% of remote workers reported increased productivity, with 30% doing more work in less time. In another survey by FlexJobs, 95% of respondents indicated productivity has been higher or the same while working remotely. Not only that but Gong found that remote workers tended to be the highest performers and a study by Standford reported a 13% increase in performance for employees working from home.

    But why?

    One of the main reasons for this increase is due to having fewer workplace distractions (particularly social distractions from co-workers). I mean, who hasn’t popped over to the watercooler, only to spend 20 minutes chatting to Angie from accounting about her mother’s friend’s aunt’s new puppy. These kinds of interruptions can eat into an employee’s day.

    Other reasons remote workers have given for their increased productivity and performance include: having a quieter environment to work in, not having daily commutes or longer in-person meetings so more work gets done, and being able to take breaks when necessary so they can return to work more energized, focused, and motivated.

    Myth debunked: remote workers are more productive! With that in mind, it’s worth thinking about adding a remote worker to your team, because they can certainly get the job done and excel in their field!

  2. You have a Bigger Talent Pool to Dip Into

    One of the best perks for employers open to hiring remote workers is that they can hire candidates from all over the U.S (as long as they have a computer setup and a strong internet connection). It gives employers a chance to find the very best people for their open roles, regardless of where they live.

    Hiring the right employee can take time and effort, but what should you do if you’re struggling to find the ideal candidate in your local area, or you’re looking for a candidate that possesses a certain set of skills?

    Easy answer: expand your search to find talent in other parts of the country.

    If you don’t, you could miss out on hiring your next Sales Superstar or Customer Service Guru, and all because they’re in a different part of the country!?!

    One thing is for sure, hiring remote employees is a huge recruiting opportunity giving you a competitive edge over those only willing to hire for in-office roles. Looking further afield could help you find the exact employee you’ve been looking for in a shorter time span, and even help you retain employees.

    This brings me to the next benefit…

  3. Working from home IMPROVES Employee Morale = Employee Retention

    According to Zippia, when employees have the option to work from home, employee turnover is reduced by 50%. One of the main reasons for this reduction is that working from home improves employee morale.

    But how?


    By letting your employees work remotely, you are showing them that you trust them to do their job, reach their goals, and complete their tasks independently.

    Happier employees are more likely to go above and beyond for a company that treats them right. Happier employees are going to strengthen your company’s reputation by letting others know how well they’re treated. Happier employees are more willing to recommend your business to other potential future employees and let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a great employee referral! Happier employees are also more willing to promote your company and can help bring in potential future customers! Surely that’s a win-win!

    At the end of the day, trust builds loyalty, and that loyalty is what will help retain your staff and help your business grow.

Final Thoughts:

While the difficulty in finding top talent has increased significantly; it’s not impossible. IdealTraits is here to help you find the ideal hire, but we also recommend listening to what your potential employees want out of their next role: remote work, a good salary, and a variety of benefits.

One thing is for sure, remote work is here to stay, so don’t get left behind! If you’re wanting to retain and recruit loyal employees, grab the proverbial bull by the horns, offer work-from-home opportunities and take your recruiting to the next level!

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