IdealTraits Gold Partner with Indeed

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Job Posting | 3 comments

In line with IdealTraits’ commitment to forging partnerships with leading entities, we are excited to announce that IdealTraits has achieved Gold Partner status in Indeed’s Advanced ATS Partnership Program, unlocking a suite of exclusive resources and tools designed to enhance your recruiting efforts.

This partnership leverages powerful integrations like Indeed Apply, Sponsored Jobs, and Disposition Sync enabling IdealTraits users to benefit from greater job visibility, streamlined application processes, and better candidate targeting.

Being a Gold Partner allows IdealTraits users unique resources and tools that significantly enhance your hiring efforts. This includes access for IdealTraits users to integrations like:

  • Indeed Apply – Indeed Apply integration provides a candidate-friendly application experience on Indeed, and increases likelihood of being clicked on by 30% compared to non-Indeed Apply jobs.
  • Disposition Sync – This feature improves the quality of applicants sent from Indeed. Sending disposition data to Indeed can help you get more quality applicants for your jobs.
  • Sponsored Job Integration – Sponsoring your job with Indeed will give your job ad better visibility to job seekers. Sponsored Jobs are 4.5x likely to result in a hire. Get Started with Indeed Sponsored Jobs.

IdealTraits’ Gold Partner status with Indeed further enhances our recruitment capabilities through advanced tools and integrations like Indeed Apply, Disposition Sync, and Sponsored Jobs. This partnership not only improves job visibility and the application process but also ensures a higher quality of candidates for IdealTraits users. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing innovative recruiting solutions that meet the demands of today’s hiring landscape. With Indeed by our side, we’re excited to support our users in achieving their hiring goals more efficiently and effectively.

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