One-way Video Interviewing Web App that allows you to screen candidates more efficiently and hire faster.

Idealinterviews Interviewing Web App

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1 Mobile-first Interviewing

  • Secure Process
  • Modern, Intuitive Design
  • User-friendly Interface

2 Your Branding

  • Custom-branded User Experience
  • Intro Video to Connect with Your Candidates

3 Simple to Use

  • Works on Any Device
  • No Downloads Needed
Idealinterviews Mobile Interviews

Complete your pre-screening process up to 75% faster.

We all want to make better hires, faster. IdealTraits one-way interview, or sometimes referred to as an asynchronous interview, is just like a video interview call with your candidate — except there is no need to attend. This way you can review your candidates’ interviews on your time and eliminate time consuming pre-screen phone calls!

Platform features:

Customizable  Career Page

Customizable Career Page

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your hiring process. Idealinterviews allows you to customize your Career Page according to your needs.

Custom Interview Questions

Custom Interview Questions

You have complete control over creating your own interview questions, saving them, and controlling how your potential hires see them. To get you started, we’ve also included some interview question templates.

Multiple Positions

Multiple Positions

Idealinterviews is highly customizable, allowing for multiple positions to be posted at a time, and for interviewees to complete applications for multiple positions at once.

Videos On-Demand

Videos On-Demand

Video interview downloads are available and stored for up to 30 days.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Never be out of the loop – Get notified when interviews are complete.

Idealinterviews Integration IdealTraits

Seamless integration with existing IdealTraits accounts

Idealinterviews is designed to work effectively with or without an existing IdealTraits account. But if you want to integrate both into your ATS, we’ve got you covered. IdealTraits users will be able to interact with elements of both platforms through the same interface. This means you can log in and access all of a candidate’s information in the same user-friendly interface you are already familiar with.

Idealinterviews Screenshots

Up to 5 Interview Questions

Flexibility to meet your hiring process.

Interview Templates

Get started fast with template interview questions.

Create a Level Playing Field

Choose the maximum answer length.

Allow Retakes

Provide a great experience for the candidate.


Integration Monthly Plan



Provides access to the full IdealTraits Idealinterviews integration. Includes unlimited interviews and unlimited candidates. Must have an Active IdealTraits Account.

IdealInterviews Monthly Plan



Provides access to the full IdealTraits Idealinterviews platform. Includes unlimited interviews and unlimited candidates.

Available as a stand-alone log-in for Idealinterviews, or as an add-on to an existing IdealTraits account

Idealinterviews is a stand-alone program that allows anyone to integrate our tried and tested hiring tools to make the hiring process as streamlined and cost-effective as possible.

However, it also integrates seamlessly with IdealTraits’ existing platform!

Already have an IdealTraits account? No problem! You can add Idealinterviews to your current log-in by clicking the button below.